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4th Information Design International Conference

This week I went to the 4th Information Design International Conference, here in Rio de Janeiro. It was much better than I expected, and I have to say that I was very excited with the presentations I saw, and very pleased to meet many interesting people.

The conference really made me think about our professional field, about how it’s evolving, how we’re growing and improving our view of what is Design, what are the chalenges of designing in such a rich information-driven society. And I mean not only design practice, but also design thinking, design research and teaching design. Although the conference was about Information Design, many of the presentations dealt with broad aspects of Design. It’s really hard to define boudaries for some design activities. When it comes to designing information systems, what are the limits to say where information design ends, and where HCI begins, or ergonomics, or communication, or graphic design, or typography? After all, aren’t they just different approaches, different steps, different elements of the same communication problem? Aren’t we all trying to improve communication with our skills?

I was glad to see the broad scope of issues that designers (and non-designers) are dealing with to improve communication. From poetry, typography, to graphic language, pictograms, to sound and other medium, many colleagues are really opening different fields for research, and building a more complex language that we could use as tools for helping people to communicate.

I saw great presentations, had inspiring moments, and I’m a little bit excited and willing to go back to my teaching activities, to try some different approaches, to start new researches with my students. There is much to do, but right now I have to stay focused on my thesis.

And I finally met Omar Tzec (Tzek), my mexican friend. After so many online exchanges, it was really a pleasure to meet him and have a chance to talk about so many things, including the silly ones. As I suspected, he is a great guy, and presented a very interesting project he made during his Masters. I really have to read his article more carefully, specially considering that he also dealt with Calm Technology, a topic that is central in my thesis.

I also had the fortune to meet Isabel Meirelles again, someone I met at the Information Design Conference in 2005, in São Paulo, and whose presentation at that time really made me think and inspired some of the work I’ve done afterwards as a teacher. And this year, again, she made a very inspiring presentation, but this time we had a chance to get to know each other, to talk about our work, and I realized what a nice person she is, and that we have many common interests – which made me really happy. I hope we’ll manage to keep in touch and to exchange some ideas.

These conferences reminds me of my undergraduate time, when I usually went to student’s gatherings, in many different places in our country. Some of the friends I’ve made at that time are still great friends, although it’s hard to keep in touch. But I still have great care for many of them, and it’s always a great joy to meet them. In the same way, I hope to see some of the friends and colleagues I met during this conference, in the years to come.

4 comentários

4 comentários

  1. Opa, tudo bem Mauro?

    Infelizmente não pude ir ao evento. Tive um paper aprovado, mas, por problemas de saúde, não consegui ir. Você já pegou os anais do congresso? Os artigos estão bons?

    Você vem para o Ebai?



    Daniel Melo
    terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2009
  2. Daniel, você fez falta aqui. Várias pessoas estavam interessadas em ver sua apresentação.

    Sim, os artigos estão bons. O nível foi acima da minha expectativa. Creio que esse congresso já se configurou como o melhor congresso de design que ocorre no país. Já é minha terceira participação, e tive essa impressão desde 2005. Este ano, pra mim, foi a confirmação.

    Espero que continue assim nas próximas edições. Em 2011 será em Florianópolis. Veremos. :-)

    Ah! Estou com intenção de ir ao EBAI sim. Nos vemos lá?

    Mauro Pinheiro
    terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2009
  3. Oi.

    Thanks for the comms. It was a pleasure meeting you and having the opportunity to chat a while. Thanks for the advise and I wish you all the best in your design and personal projects.

    Greetings from México.

    quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2009
  4. Opa, vou ao Ebai sim, nos encontramos por aqui então. Abraço.

    Daniel Melo
    quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2009

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