sábado, 7 de março de 2009

Twitter, commented by Evan Williams

An interesting talk at TED, from Evan Williams, one of the minds responsible for Blogger and Twitter.

The talk is about Twitter – how it started, how it evolved, how people created new ways for using it. To me the most interesting part of this talk is exactly when EV talks about how people are making part of the creative process, in a way he and his team couldn’t anticipate. Twitter is a fine example of how a product can really evolve when it’s totally opened for development, not only by making an API available to other developers, but by paying attention on how people use the product. Learn from the real user experience, the one that is built in “real world”, by regular people on daily basis.

Twitter is a huge success, like Blogger before it. Congratulations EV, and keep making incredible things for us! :-)

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