quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2008

Taking pictures with digital and analog cameras

The first time that I went to Europe, I took my Pentax K1000 camera. At that time, in a month I must have taken about 250 pictures, using 35mm films.

This time, I took it with me again, but I also had my digital camera, a Sony DSC W5, and an old HalmaFlex using 120mm films, which belonged to my grandfather.

my 3 cameras
My three cameras.

After a month, I must have taken about 2000 pictures with the digital camera, 72 with my Pentax, and less than 24 with the HalmaFlex. I’ll have to choose among these 2000 digital photos those that will be printed – if any! But it’s certain that all pictures taken with the Pentax and the HalmaFlex will be printed.

Each camera has a unique “flavor”, and they provided me different experiences using each one of them…the time I spent making a single shot; the fact that with the digital camera I could “see” the pictures; the options the Pentax gives me for deciding the combination of time and aperture, and the surprises that awaits me till I have the photos printed.

It’s common to say that the digital cameras have changed the way we relate to photos, and the way we take pictures. But as I used the HalmaFlex, that doesn’t have a photometer and have a very odd screen for previewing the image that will be “captured”, I was able to taste a little bit of the changes promoted by cameras like my old Pentax K1000.

The most mundane habits of our everyday lifes can really be affected by technology.

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